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"Your property is in safe hands with a licensed & registered building practitioner."

Inspection Report Prices

Prepurchase Inspection

from $265.00

Practical Completion 

from $365.00

SHS Building Inspection price list

      Prepurchase Building Inspection prices

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Price and scope listed below is indicative. Please contact us for a firm quote based on your requirements and location.

All prices include GST.

Reports from registered, licensed builder  REG: 14348

All SHS inspection reports are comprehensive, come complete with photos and full descriptions.

Structural Prepurchase Inspection of main dwelling $265.00

  • Structural assessment of all primary building components to the main dwelling including:

  • The sub floor space/ foundations structure

  • The interior of the building (walls and floors)structure

  • The exterior of the building (walls) structure

  • The roof space (roof frame)


  • Includes primary structural building elements.
  • Excludes Timber Pest Inspection.

Comprehensive Building Inspection +  timber pest $465.00

  • Comprehensive timber pest to building components and within a 30m radius plus

  • All primary structural and non structuralbuilding components to the main dwelling as well as secondary buildings within 30m

  • Internal & external walls and linings

  • Cracking, settlement and subsidence

  • Moisture testing of damp affected areas

  • Ceilings and cornices condition

  • Smoke detectors and RCD's - Installation 

  • Boundary fencing & retaining walls condition/ defects

  • Doors and windows operational

  • Plumbing (fixtures and fittings) including vanity basins, baths, toilets, sinks & taps

  • Lights, exhausts rangehoods ovens etc.. checked for working order

  • Kitchen, laundry & bathroom cabinets and benchtops defects

  • Stairs Internal and External

  • Roofing, facia, gutters, downpipes, eaves, barges, vents & skylights condition / weathering

  • Insulation and sarking

  • Driveways & paths

  • Surface drainage


  • Fully Comprehensive and detailed timber pests and Building combined to the entire building.
  • All accessible building components assessed, as well as granny flats, studios, sheds and other outbuildings within 30m of the main house.
  • Major, minor and safety concern defects assessed as well as structural defects.

Structural Prepurchase + Timber Pest $365.00

  • Comprehensive timber pest to all building components and within a 30m radius 
  • Structural assessment of all primary building components to the main dwelling. 


  • Includes primary structural building elements.
  • Includes Timber Pest Inspection.

Combined Structural BUILDING, PEST and POOL 

Prepurchase Inspection Packages from $599.00

  • Comprehensive timber pest to all building components and within a 30m radius 
  • Structural assessment of primary building components to the main dwelling.
  • Pool fence compliance / safety checks
  • Pool equipment operation tests
  • Leak detection tests (sonar)
  • Pool Chemical hygiene (chemical tests)


  • Includes primary structural building elements.
  • Includes Timber Pest Inspection.
  • Includes Pool inspection.


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     Practical Completion Inspections

Price $365.00

  • The inspection is comprehensive, comes with a full photographic supplement and includes all accessible areas of the residence, including the roof cavity, internal and external elevations.
  • The purpose of the report is to have the builder complete the work in a proper and tradesman like manner prior to handover and to achieve this the report references acceptable trade practices and Building Code requirements - where appropriate.

Book online, phone 0401 953 226 or email to discuss your requirements. 

Whether for Structural or Comprehensive Prepurchase Inspections or for the Identification of Defective Building Work, contact SHS Building Consultants today for professional, friendly advice.

We offer flexible solutions for your of your Building Inspection needs.

Your investment is in safe hands with SHS Building Consultants.

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Building and Pest Prepurchase
Building and Pest inspection was very competitively priced compared to the other quotes we got and we got an extremely detailed report for our money†with lots of photos and well written / relevant† comments. Christian was happy to meet onsite†and talk over the phone afterwards with the agent. He didnt miss a thing and we got some significant defects fixed before settlement- HIGHLY recommended saved†$$$. Thank you. Joseph. H★★★★★
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Practical Completion Two Rocks
Wow christian from SHS picked up on over 30 defects to our new build. From carpentry issues to roof framing compliance, and workmanship issues with tiling and painting. Builder fixed all items. Highly recommended for all new builds★★★★★
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Prepurchase Inspection Ellenbrook
Great service, great price★★★★
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Prepurchase Inspection Perth
Very comprehensive report, fast turnaround. Picked up on a few big defects I would not have seen myself until it was too late. Thanks!★★★★★
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Practical Completion Singleton
We have just received a 38 page report for our new build. Complete with photos and descriptions for easy identification, our builder started fixing things right away, there were some major defects to the roof. Very knowledgeable and a very comprehensive report. Highly recommended!. ★★★★★
Rating: 5.0 out of 5